Enter the Roku Link Code Displayed on Your TV and Get Ready to Stream Your Love!

With the elevating world of streaming services, the Roku streaming services have achieved vogue as a significant center man between the consumers and the streaming services. In habituating to everything from streaming boxes for TV’s, partnering with TV brands offering in built Roku service within Smart TV’s, Roku has hard worked on emerging and remaining constant in a swiftly modifying industry.

Roku Activation Code on

Roku is a digital streaming device where you can watch videos, movies, music, and entertain yourselves from the internet. Moreover, it consists of 4,500 channels and 450,000+ films on its device.This device is available in 10 countries, with approximately 32.3 million monthly active accounts. All that the users must do is to:


And this activation code must be entered in to start with the procedure of activation. After that, you can download all your favorite channels via the Roku channel store.

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‘Roku is One Top Leading Streaming Device’!

Let’s get to know about its amazing facts with time line:

2002 Anthony Wood founded the Roku streaming device
2007 Later, assisting with Netflix, Anthony was engaged to earn Netflix as an investor in Roku, started exploring on streaming services.
2014 Rise of Smart TV’s made Roku move one step ahead and started to design Roku TV’s
2016 Roku is available over 10 countries 1 million Roku Smart TV’s were sold
2017 Roku goes with a valuation of $1.3 billion 4,500 channels and 450,000+ movies were available
2019 Roku has 32.3 million monthly active accounts and 41 million Roku devices in use

Here Are Some Tips And Tricks That You Might Get To Know About Roku!

Choose the channel that you wish to arrange from My channels sections and press the Star button and choose Move channels.
Head to Settings -> Themes and give a try for any theme shade that you wish.
Roku proffers extra screensaver and get it from Settings -> Screensaver.
Download the mobile app on your mobile device and make use of it as your device’s remote
New Roku model remotes are built with mic and search button, make sure to check for yous
Go to My linked devices section ->Rename and carry on with the prompts.
The users can insert a micro SD card into the slot back of the unit.
Perform this by downloading the apps on your mobile device and your Roku device Private channels
Reach Settings ->Captions -> Instant replay

Roku Installation And Activation Process -

How To Install My Roku Streaming Device?

Get to know the process with the step by step guidelines:

Start this process by connecting the HDMI cable to the Roku device and then to the HDMI port on the TV. If it is a streaming stick, then you can directly insert it to the TV. Secondly, power up the Roku device by fixing the power adapter to the electrical outlet. After that, power on the TV and choose your Roku HDMI input. Proceed with the on screen prompts to pick your language, setting display, theme, pairing the Roku remote, connecting Roku to Wifi. Thirdly, the Roku device will update to its newer version. The activation code will appear on the TV screen. Finally, provide the code in and sign in with the Roku account.

How To Activate The Roku Device?

This is the most important procedure after the set up process and follow the instructions below to perform this:

As said before, ‘set the device & get the activation code’

After that, access a new web browser on a computer or mobile device having the same network access as Roku

Through that web browser, visit

Secondly, in, provide the Roku activation code into the text box

Check for the code once again and then click the Activate button

Finally, sign in with your Roku account to link your device via

Roku Device Activation -
Roku Account

Don’t have a Roku Account? Build one!

You can make use of the prompts below to create your Roku account:

First of all, you have to head to the Roku sign up site

In the first page, click the Sign up option and begin to fill in the form

Next, provide all the pieces of information that are asked in the form to create your account. Give a valid email address of yours to get regular updates

After that, build a secure password for your account and use it as credentials

Now, create your Roku PIN

Secondly, choose your mode of payment to get your account

Thirdly, make the payment using Credit card or Paypal method

Finally, the account is ready and will be yours after the payment

How To Connect The Roku Device To A Home Wireless Network?

This process can be performed during the setup of your Roku device and check on it with the steps below:

At the time of activation of the Roku boxes and TV’s, the users will be asked to select Wired or Wireless for network connection

In case if choosing wired, link an Ethernet cable to your Roku

If selecting wireless, the Roku device will automatically detect for the available networks

Moreover, a list of networks will appear on the Roku screen

Similarly, if you cannot see your network, then choose Scan again

On the other hand, select your network to get connected

After that, provide the network key of the wireless network

The confirmation message will appear on the Roku screen regarding the wifi connection

Now the Roku device will update to its newer version all by itself

This is how the users can link the Roku device to the network using wired and wireless selections as the connection type

What Are Private Channels On Roku?

Private channels are also called as Hidden channels or non certified channels. These channels will not be available under the Roku channel store. Instead, you will add them via the Roku account. In simple words, they are not a part of the official Roku channel store. For example, these channels can be Weather Radar, KOOL TV, Creature Cast, Freejack TV, Viki, The Odeon Theater, GWAR TV, Force One Networks Live, etc.

How To Add Private Channels?

Follow the guidelines below to add a private channel on your Roku device:

At first, reach the Roku site to download all your favorite private channels

After that, make use of the login credentials and log in to your Roku account

Next, reach the My Account page

Secondly, click the Add a channel from the Manage Account section

Thirdly, provide the channel code given by the provider in the text box

Now, click the Add channel option

Finally, the Private channel will get added to your channel list

Roku Private Channels

How To Download Channels From The Roku Channel Store?

The instructions beneath can help you to download the channel from the Roku channel store:
  1. Firstly, reach the Roku channel store by scrolling to the left side of the screen using the Roku remote
  2. After that, choose streaming services and look for the channel that you wish to download
  3. If not found there, then reach to the Find bar of the Roku channel store
  4. Secondly, input the name of the channel in the Find bar and get the results
  5. Choose your channel and check for its information of the subscription
  6. Moreover, choose the Add channel option and press the OK button
  7. The channel will appear on your Roku home screen
  8. Thirdly, access the channel and get the activation code
  9. Similarly, head to its activation site and enter the code
  10. Choose the TV provider if prompted and key in the activation code
  11. Finally, click the Submit now button to begin the activation


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